The ChristmasCam 1995

A camera looking at the Christmas tree in our living room, an ISDN line, a capture board, a light-weight HTTP server and what do you get? A family's Christmas on the Web!

Christmas is over. The packages have been torn open and the mess has been picked up. The tree is still standing, but it won't be long before this becomes the "Living Room Cam". To make matters worse, Yahoo got around to entering this page into it's index on December 30th -- I guess most of their people had taken the holiday off.

For the moment, enjoy our tree, send us email and have a happy New Years celebration.

The image is updated about once a minute. If the image is black, it's probably just the middle of the night.

For those with bandwidth to burn, here are some "collapsed" movies of the activity around the Christmas tree. By "collapsed" I mean that the frames in the video are frames that have changed significantly from the last recorded. No activity in the room records nothing but movement wil store up to one frame per second. It's not quite like sped up movies, but really close.

These videos are RealMedia files so you might need to: Get the Real Player

Our family's normal home is on Teleport. Check out The Adams Page and especially the Adams Trip Around America.

If you can't get these images and files, either my home machine is turned off or the kids are playing a DOS game -- all the fun games don't run under Win95.

NOTE TO THE CRIMINALLY INCLINED: our house has an alarm (door and window sensors and motion detectors) and we live in a small town who's cops actually show up in five minutes. So, save us both a lot of trouble, and don't even bother.

Robert Adams /
Copyright 1995, Adams Software / December 30, 1995